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West Newbury
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The duties of the Animal Care and Control Officer are to Protect, Rescue, Educate, Enforce, Inspect, and Adoptions. Included are all animals, both domestic and wildlife. Duties are to protect personal property and help prevent zoonotic diseases. The Animal Care and Control officer attends to complaints and investigates those complaints. The Laws enforced are MA General Laws Chapter 140 Sections 136-175, Chapter 129, Chapter 49: and the West Newbury By-Laws, Section VI Animal By-Laws. The Animal Care and Control is an On-Call position. The Position involves close work with the West Newbury Police, Town Clerk, Board of Health, and Board of Selectmen.
The Board of Assessors and Chief Assessor are responsible for overseeing real and personal property valuations, upon which the property tax is based. The Department of Revenue must certify that a town's property valuations are at full value every three years. The taxes for each fiscal year are due in four installments, whereby preliminary tax payments are due on August 1 and November 1, with payment of the actual tax bill in installments on February 1 and May 1.
The Conservation Commission is responsible for overseeing and implementing the states Wetlands Protection Act and Regulations.
The West Newbury Emergency Management Agency works with other town departments in an effort to maintain and enhance the town of West Newbury's emergency preparedness. The Agency is ready to respond to any emergency event in a competent, timely manner, with well-trained, dedicated volunteers and staff.

The West Newbury Management Agency provides assistance to other agencies as needed. In the time of a disaster, the Agency serves as the liasion to the state and federal government for the Town of West Newbury.
The Finance Department performs a variety of complex supervisory, professional, administrative and technical finance functions in maintaining the fiscal records and systems of the town. The Finance Director also serves as the Collector and Treasurer.
West Newbury Fire Department proudly protects 4359 people living in an area of 14.60 square miles. We operate out of 2 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a paid on call status.
To maintain the Merrimack River (West Newbury portion) in as clean and safe condition as possible, through the use of the town's pump-out boat for watercraft's sanitary systems, preventing pollution, and by periodic patrol of the river to assure safety of boaters, and others using the river.
The Board of Health and staff is dedicated to reinforcing the State and local regulations regarding private septic systems, private wells, recreational camps for children, sanitation standards for food establishments, household refuse contracts and recycling programs, etc. The Board continues their quest in prviding the residents a safe and convenient means of disposing their household hazardous waste.
G.A.R. Memorial Library's mission is to inform and enrich the entire community by offering all residents a wide variety of information in various formats. Materials are purchased for education, information, life-long learning and recreation. Hours: Mon.- Thur. 10-8, Fri. 10-5, Sat. 9-1 (Closed Saturdays between Memorial Day and Labor Day)
Takes appeals of parking ticket violations.
Using procedures outlined in state laws, Zoning Bylaws, and Subdivision Regulations, the Planning Board is responsible for reviewing development plans submitted by applicants who want to develop a parcel of land for residential, commercial, or other uses. The project may involve the need for a Site Plan Review, a Special Permit, a variance or simply signing an Approval-Not-Required plan. Applications are available in the office of the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk's office has Zoning Bylaws available for $15 each and Subdivision Regulations available for $20.00 each.

The Plannng Board or residents can initiate the process of amending zoning. Zoning amendments must follow detailed procedures to ensure the public has sufficient opporunity to provide input. The final changes must be voted on by town meeting and receive approval from the office of the Attorney General. The Planning Board is responsible for creating and updating the Comprehensive Plan.
The mission of the West Newbury Police Department is to maintain the quality of life that makes West Newbury such a special place to live. The Police Department pledges its resources to address the needs of the community working in partnership with its members. The officers and employees of the department shall maintain the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and work ethic in serving the public. We can ask no less than what is expected of us in the eyes of the community we serve, with one goal of making West Newbury.
The West Newbury Public Safety Dispatch is dedicated to the community we serve and continually strives to provide the highest level of professional service to the residents of the Town of West Newbury, its public safety emergency responders and other town departments.
The employees of the West Newbury Public Safety Dispatch Center receive all emergency and non-emergency calls in a courteous and professional manner, determine the needs of the caller and direct the appropriate agencies to assist in their needs.
We provide Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) for medical emergency calls and give life saving medical instructions where necessary.
The Board of Selectmen is the chief executive body in West Newbury. Appoints most of the boards and commissions and coordinates key boards and commissions. Oversees Town Operations - appoints police, fire, highway. Responsible for putting together the Annual and Special Town Meeting Warrants. Oversees the Personnel Bylaw for town employees and negotiates contracts for Police, Dispatchers, Highway Departments and the contract for Police Chief and Finance Director. Issues some licenses and permits, including liquor licenses, road cuts, soil removal permits, etc. Enters into contracts for the Town.
Located off the lobby of the 1910 Office Buildling, the Senior Center hosts a wide variety of community activities with a focus on the town residents who are 65 years of age or older.
The Town Clerk serves as the Public Information and Legislative Administrator, Chief Election Officer, Local Registrar of Vital Records and Statistics, Public Records and Licensing Administrator, and Census/Voter Registration Administrator. Governed by the Massachusetts General Laws and Bylaws of the Town of West Newbury. The Town Clerk serves as the custodian of offical Townecords and public documents. All claims and actions against the town are received and filed by the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk's Office also:

-Administers the issuance of Municipal and State licenses and permits, including Telephone Pole Permits, Burial Permits, Storage of Gasoline & Other Flammable and Explosives, Dog Licenses, Raffle & Bazaar Licenses and various regulatory licenses as assinged.

-Acts as the Agent for the State in the issuance of Fishing, Hunting, and Sporting Licenses. Issues Business Certificates.

Town of West Newbury, 381 Main Street, West Newbury, Massachusetts 01985
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